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[Connection] Hook up iPad or Android to BM-3000 (English)

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[Connection] Hook up iPad or Android to BM-3000 (English)

Post by BM_admin on Mon Apr 07, 2014 7:46 pm

There are 2 ways to connect iPad/Android to BM-3000:
   a.  Hook up an Internet cable to BM-3000
   b.  Connect WIFI Extender to BM-3000 (easier way)

drunken ---------------->  Download PDF

Method 1:  Hook up an Internet cable to BM-3000

Required:   - Wifi Router
                - Ipad / Android Tablet
                - Long Internet Cable (connect from Wifi Router to BM-3000)
                - Download "KOD App" on our website (click for link)


    - Connect an Internet Cable from your WIFI Router to the back of BM-3000 --> (Pic 1)
    If your Router is located far away from your karaoke machine, we suggest you to use
    Method 2: using a WIFI Extender to hook up internet to BM-3000

-------- Pic 1: Connect Ethernet Cable to BM-3000 ---------------

Step 1- IP Address
   *Make sure your BM-3000 and your iPad/Android are connected to the same WIFI Router

   ---> To Check IP Address on your tablet:
    a. iPad:
       - Choose "Settings" > "WIFI" (under Airplane Mode)
       - A list of network will show up, tap on the network you are connected to (the (i) icon next to it) ---> (see Pic 2)
       - You will see your IP Address of the WIFI Router
       - Copy this IP Address down (Ex: 192.168.10.xxx)  --> (Pic 3)

     b. Android:
       - Go to "Setting" > "Wireless Control" > "Wifi Setting"
       - Tap on the network you are connected to
       - You will see your IP Address (Ex: 192.168.10.xxx)

------------- Pic 2: Wifi on iPad ------------  ---------- Pic 3: Found IP Address ---------

Step 2 - New IP Address
    Once you find out the IP running on your wifi AP, go to BM-3000 system setup Basic settings: 
    - Press "System" > "Basic System Setting" > Go to Page 5/5, input New IP Adress.
What is New IP address?
    - Set your IP to 192.168.x.XXX (please note on the 4th group (underlined),
    - Please choose a number that is greater than the number showing on your smart phone or tablet)
      See example below:

------- Pic 4: Enter New IP Address into BM-3000 ---------

For Example here: IP Address showed on iPad is (Pic 3)
                   -Input IP Address into BM-3000 as: <--- (Pic 4)

         *Press #: for number, Press "Input" button for (.) dot*
 **Make sure the number of the 4th group is greater than the number showing on your iPad**

Step 3:  Download "KOD" App
   - Visit our website: www.bestmediausa.com
   - Select "Karaoke Player" on the left column
   - Choose "BM-3000" (not Vietnamese Version), scroll down and choose iPad/Android App.
   - iPad will directly link you to the App Store Download Page. (see App Icon on Pic 5)

*For Android, Please first download Android App into Computer, and then copy that App into your Android device. 

Step 4 -  Input New IP Address on "KOD" app
     -  Install and open "KOD" App (Pic 5 & 6)
    - Tap on the "Service" Icon which Located on Top Right Corner (Pic 7)
    - Tap on "Manually Connect the Private Room", and Input New IP Address. (Pic Cool
    - Tap "OK" 

-------- Pic 5: Download "KOD" App --------  ----------- Pic 6: Open "KOD" App ---------

------- Pic 7: Locate "Service" Icon (both Chinese and English Version --------

----------------- Pic 8: Input New IP Address --------------------

Step 5 - Verification Code
  - The app will start to search, and when it finds the machine, it will ask for "5 Digit Code".
  - At the same time there will be a 5 digit code showing on Top Right Corner of your TV screen (Pic 9)
  - Input "5 Digit" into the App (Pic 10), Press "OK"
  - A Message saying successfully verified will pop up (Pic 11)
  - Well Done, Enjoy Singing!!

** Select "Automatic Search Room," if you have been connected to BM-3000 before. "KOD" App will search for BM-3000 and automatically connect to the machine

  + If the App can't find BM-3000 (Pic 11)
  - Simply go back to BM-3000's IP Address's Page (Pic 4) 
  - Change IP Address by increasing the number of the Fourth Group.
  - Insert the same New IP Address into KOD App (follow Step 4- 5)
  - iPad App will connect to BM-3000

-- ---- Pic 9: "5 Digit" will appear on Top Right TV Screen ---------

    --------- Pic 10: Input "5 Digit" -----------   ------ Pic 11: Successfully Connected -----

-------- Pic 12: Failed to Connect ---------

Method 2:  Hook up with an Wifi Extender

Required:   - Wifi Router
                 - Ipad / Android
                 - Wifi Extender
                 - Short Internet Cable (connect from Wifi Extender to BM-3000)
                 - Download KOD App on our website (click for link)

**Before starting, make sure BM-3000 is not turning on**

A. Set up WIFI Extender:

1. Plug WIFI Extender into Power Plug next to your WIFI Router. Turn On WIFI Extender ("on/off" button is located on the side)

2. Look for the "WPS" button on WIFI Router and "WPS" on the WIFI Extender (on the other side/ some Wifi Router has big circle "WPS" button on the front)

3. Hold on "WPS" on both WIFI Router and WIFI Extender for 5 seconds

4. You will see the light on WIFI Extender change from Red > Orange > Green (which means it already receive an IP Address).

5. Turn Off WIFI Extender and unplug from the power plug.

B. Connect WIFI Extender to BM-3000

1. Plug WIFI Extender to the Power Plug near BM-3000 Machine.

2. Connect a short Internet Cable from WIFI Extender (on the back) to the back of BM-3000. (Pic 1)

3. Turn On WIFI Extender and Turn on BM-3000.

4. You will notice the light on WIFI Extender is stable on Green

5. On BM-3000, Press "System" button on Remote Control

6. Choose " Basic Setting", use "Up and Down" arrow to navigate to the last page IP Address (5/5) (Pic 4)

7. Insert a random IP Address such as (192.68.11.XXX or
     ------ Or follow step 1-2 of Method 1 to get an IP Address ---------

8. Follow Step 3-5 of Method 1 

9. Well Done and Enjoy Singing!

Addition Information about "KOD" App:
- For those who wonder how to change the Language Interface:
    - Tap on "Service" Icon (see Pic
    - Tap "Language Conversion" Icon to change Language (Pic 13)

-------------------- Pic 13: Language Conversion ----------------

Detail Explanation of Pic 7 - Service Menu:
- Update Song List: Sync Song List. Tap this Icon if you have just record song into the Hard Drive
- Change Background: Tap to change background picture on the App
- Language Conversion: Switch between English and Chinese Interface (Pic 13)
- Download Singer Picture: Tap to update Singer Pic if there are any changes
- Manually Connect the Private Room: To input New IP Address
- Automatic Search Rooms: Search BM-3000 Machine


---> Printable Guidelines are available here


In General, There are 2 Ways to hook up BM-3000 with WIFI


If you still encounter any difficulty, please follow this post or contact us info@bestmediausa.com. Thank You.

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